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Open Source SHP Builder 3.36 released!
[ Posted on January 10, 2008, 05:35:08 AM ] [Want to Post News?]

Ladies and gentlemen! I am proud to announce the release of Open Source SHP Builder 3.36 at Project Perfect Mod. This is a nifty tool to create the 2D art to use on mods for Tiberian Dawn, Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 1 and 2. The main features of this version are the mass frames operations. You can now copy, move, delete and even reverse a massive amount of frames at once (with its respective shadows). The program also includes new ways to export your SHPs as the most common images files, new flood and fill tools, some new image effects and the possibility to paste the content of the clipboard into a new SHP or a new frame.

In terms of bug fixing, this version is also very interesting, but removing many problems that 3.35 had with importing GIF files. Also, some critical rendering bugs that existed since the first version of the program were finally tracked and removed. There were many other bug fixes that made the program become much more confortable to the end user.

For the full changelog (which is huge this time), check this topic at PPM forums. For more information on all features offered by this program, check its own section at PPM.

I recommend everyone to update your OS SHP Builder for this version. You can download it from   Project Perfect Mod. Support for this tool is available at PPM Forums.

OS SHP Builder has a SVN Browser at the PPM SVN. You can also download the latest contents of the SVN, by using a an SVN client, such as Tortoise SVN, right clicking a directory, clicking in Checkout and setting URL to svn://

If you have a site, feel free to mirror it without asking for permision. You can also play with its source code and add your own features on the program. Just credit myself and Stucuk for the program. Enjoy it!
Posted by: Banshee

OS BIG Editor 0.5 Beta is now available!
[ Posted on March 09, 2007, 05:02:17 AM ] [Want to Post News?]

Hello everyone! At Project Perfect Mod, I've released the OS BIG Editor 0.5, which is a program that allows users to browse the .BIG files from C&C3 and previous C&C games and extract files from it. The ability to create and edit .BIG files will be added in a later version of the program. This new version is able to preview the TGA files without requiring you to extract them and also allows the extraction of files through drag and drop, association of .BIG files with the program, among other features that makes the program quicker and more friendly for modders.

 OS BIG Editor 0.5
  - revisions by Banshee:
    - Added: Associate .big files with OS BIG Editor at Options -> Preferences (Note: the second and third icons were made by Danny van Loon).
    - Added: Preview your TGA files in the program (done by Zlatko Minev and, its interface.was improved by Banshee)
    - Added: Extract your files by dragging and dropping them to windows explorer.
    - Added: Drag your .BIG files by from windows explorer and open them by dropping them into the program (coded by Danny van Loon).
    - Added: New quick options available: Cut Image Preview, Word Wrap and Save Full Directory When Extracting.
    - Added: Program settings and latest opened directories are saved in a options file.
    - Updated: Program icon and some graphics were updated. They still look stupid.
    - Updated: Update Me now links a different section of PPM totally dedicated to display information about the program and download link of the latest version.

Support for this tool is available at the  CnC Editing Tools forum (guest posting allowed).

You can download it HERE. If you own a fan site, you can place this program on your site for download. If you wanna modify it, go ahead. But on both cases, make sure that I am credited for my efforts and that jonwil is credited for his RefPack Decompression code used in the program. Have fun!
Posted by: Banshee

OS BIG Editor 0.3 Beta released!
[ Posted on March 02, 2007, 05:21:22 PM ] [Want to Post News?]

Hello everyone! At Project Perfect Mod, we've released a cool tool for those who want to start modding Command & Conquer 3, before the game releases. It's called OS BIG Editor and it allows you to browse the .BIG files from the C&C3 demo, as well as the .BIG files from previous games. You can also extract these files to the place that you want. Unfortunatelly, you can't create your .BIG file yet, but you'll be able to do it with OS BIG Editor in a later future.

Head to PPM to download it, although you can also host it in your site if you are a webmaster. Just remember to credit me (Banshee) for creating it and jonwil for the RefPack decompression code used in the program. The program is open source and anyone can modify it using Delphi. Anyway, enjoy the program and get modding!
Posted by: Banshee

Voxel Section Editor III 1.32 released!
[ Posted on February 13, 2007, 07:47:52 PM ] [Want to Post News?]

Voxel Section Editor (VXLSE) III 1.32 has been released recently at Project Perfect Mod. This utility allows modders to create and edit voxels. It has a friendly interface for edition, real time 3D preview, auto-normalizer, fast recolouring tools, among other many features that makes it the best and most popular voxel editor for Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 fans.

This latest version has an improved normalizer, several new keyboard short cuts to make your editing faster and a new 3D Preview window, among some random fixes and improvements over older versions.

Voxel Section Editor III 1.32 ChangeLog:
 - revisions by Banshee
   - Added: 3D Preview window from VXLSE II 2.1 OpenGL edition is now back and it can render together with the current Preview (at half speed, in this case). It can also be resized and all features from the traditional preview were incorporated into it.
   - Added: Shortcuts from VXLSE II are back. You can move the X, Y and Z axis by pressing x, y and z. To move backwards, add shift to it. Some other random shortcuts were added.
   - Updated: Autonormalizer is now even better. Now it uses the concept of influence area to no longer miss the direction on few specific cases.

Support for this tool is available at the Voxel Section Editor III forum (guest posting allowed).

You can download it Project Perfect Mod. If you own a fan site, you can place this program on your site for download. If you wanna modify it, go ahead, the program is open source. But on both cases, make sure that Will, Plasmadroid, Koen, Stucuk and I are credited for our efforts. And, have fun voxelling!
Posted by: Banshee

Return of the Dawn 2.6 released!
[ Posted on December 23, 2006, 09:50:16 PM ] [Want to Post News?]

Reaperrr and his team are proud to release Return of the Dawn 2.6. Return of the Dawn is a very popular total conversion for Tiberian Sun that recreates the Tiberian Dawn universe on it. The mod totally modifies GDI and Nod factions to match and look like the ones from TD. Unlike in TD, you can play against AI, turn off buildings and do everything that Tiberian Sun allows you to do with it. The mod also comes with the grass terrain from the original TD instead of the winter terrain and several maps for skirmish and multiplayer purposes.

The latest version comes with improved voxels from Chriz, several bug fixes and ballance changes to make the game more fair and less Mammoth Tank rushing. Here's some screenshots:



Head to Project Perfect Mod Forums to download it.
Posted by: Banshee

OS Voxel Viewer 1.7 and OS HVA Builder 2.1
[ Posted on September 06, 2006, 04:23:37 AM ] [Want to Post News?]

Project Perfect Mod has some brought two reinforcements for those who are modding Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2.

Open Source Voxel Viewer 1.7 is a tool made by both Stucuk and Banshee that places your voxel in a 3D environment with terrain, sky for preview purposes. The latest version includes a better and more reliable render and a light improvement with remappable colours. You can also quickly transfer your screenshots to OS SHP Builder.

OS HVA Builder 2.1 is a tool made by Stucuk and Banshee to create and edit HVA (voxel animation) files. It allows you to create walking animations by rotating the sections, turret and barrel from your unit. The latest version also includes a better render, some interface improvements and associate the program with .hva files.

  OS HVA Builder 2.1
  - revisions by Banshee:
    - Updated: It now uses the Voxel Engine 1.3, the same used on OS: Voxel Viewer 1.7.
    - Added: The program can now be associated with .hva files. It also loads voxels with parameters.
    - Improved: rendering speed increased a lot.
    - Improved: Remappable colours improved. Code adapted from OS SHP Builder, making more contrasted and less bright.
    - Improved: Interface received few random improvements, specially on the remappable colours.
    - Bug Fix: HVA is now aligned and it won't be ignored if it has less than 2 frames.

  OS: Voxel Viewer 1.7
  - revisions by Banshee:
    - Updated: Voxel Engine was updated to 1.3.
    - Added: Support for UPHPS Updater.
    - Fixed: If the HVA has less than 2 frames, it is no longer ignored.
    - Fixed: The HVA settings are properly applied in the render. Some units which started in the underground, or had non-aligned turrets and barrels or even had small legs (like Mammoth MK2) are now rendered correctly.
    - Fixed: Remappables are calculated with the same algorithm used on OS SHP Builder, making it look better, more contrasted and less bright.

You can download them at Project Perfect Mod. Support for them is available at (guest posting allowed).

If you have a C&C related site, we welcome you to mirror them in your site without asking permision. Just credit Banshee and Stucuk, specially Stucuk (he deserves much more credit than I), for both programs. Enjoy them!
Posted by: Banshee

New TibEd versions and 100,000 downloads
[ Posted on March 29, 2006, 09:29:42 PM ] [Want to Post News?]

There are now new versions of the TibEd 1 and 2 series which together support the whole C&C: The First Decade compilation. With TibEd you can make simple mods for any game in the pack.

TibEd 2 beta 4 (for Generals and Zero Hour) is a big update:
  • The First Decade support
  • files are now imported on demand (when you change them) instead of importing them right away
  • project can be started from a BIG file (to import an existing mod)
  • comments in Generals and Zero Hour INI files are preserved
  • many bugfixes
  • Generals Mod Selector now remembers custom game folders
TibEd 1.62 (for all other C&C games) is a minor update. It now has a French translation of the user interface thanks to BLKnight and is compatible with UPHPS updater.

You can download TibEd 1 and 2 from

To conclude this news we are proud to announce that TibEd 1 has been downloaded by over 100,000 people during the last 5 years!
Posted by: Koen

TibEd v1.61: compatible with The First Decade
[ Posted on February 25, 2006, 10:45:06 PM ] [Want to Post News?]

There is now a new version of the TibEd 1 series which supports the new C&C: The First Decade compilation. With TibEd 1 you can make simple mods for the following games from The First Decade:
  • C&C: Tiberian Dawn
  • C&C: Red Alert 1
  • C&C: Tiberian Sun
  • C&C: Red Alert 2
  • C&C: Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge
Another enhancement in TibEd v1.61 is that it runs properly under a Windows XP user account with limited rights (by popular demand). For installation you will need to be Administrator or a Power User, but running TibEd can be done as any user.

You can download TibEd v1.61 from
Posted by: Koen

BlackHand Studios ships Core Patch 2 for Renegade!
[ Posted on February 24, 2006, 12:51:26 AM ] [Want to Post News?]

From the Creators of RenGuard, Blackhand Studios™ proudly presents "Core Patch Two".  CP2 is the latest in a string of unofficial C&C Renegade updates which fix several bugs identified in the game and add new, exciting features and the very best in fan-made maps.

Four excellent maps, C&C_BunkersTS, C&C_Last_Stand, C&C_Terrace, and C&C_Tropics are all available through this update. We encourage all players to try out these new maps.

Some highlights include:

- The faster map loading enjoyed with Core Patch 1 has been made even faster in this patch.
- Several map exploits (official and fan-made) have been fixed
- Several new FDS console commands for 3D sounds, team paging, and MP3 playing
- New client commands include a logfile of all in-game chat and screenshot format change (optional) from TGA to PNG.

New Maps:
C&C_BunkersTS by Aircraftkiller
C&C_Last_Stand by Titan1x77
C&C_Terrace by Titan1x77
C&C_Tropics by Aircraftkiller

The official Renegade CP2 Forums are located at

jonwil - scripts.dll, bhs.dll, patch downloader, patch building work
Crimson - Website/Forums owner and maintainer, public relations, readme file
Laeubi - strings.tdb work
Reborn - map fixes
Titan1x77 - Fan-made maps contribution
Aircraftkiller - Fan-made maps contribution
mac - Organization and project management
trunksgsb - Beta readme file
Posted by: Crimson

Voxel Section Editor III 1.2c released!
[ Posted on November 23, 2005, 07:32:14 PM ] [Want to Post News?]

I'm proud to announce the release of the Voxel Section Editor 1.2c, now with a perfect normalizer! Since the beggining of the month, I'be been working on Voxel Section Editor III, fixing bugs and restoring features from older programs.

For those who are new in the C&C old school modding subject, voxels are a sort of '3D bitmaps' that Westwood used to emulate 3D graphics and effects at Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 for vehicles, aircrafts and few other exceptions (some building turrets).

The Voxel Section Editor III is the most popular voxel editor at the moment that allows users to create, edit, normalize, paint, texturize your voxels among inumerous other features included.

Here's the changelog, since 1.1a which was released in june 2004:

  - revisions by Banshee
    - Added: Cubed Normalizer: provide perfect normals! (Also, updated few wrong spelling bits from the old normalizer)
    - Added: Flood Fill Erase Tool. This tool used to exist on VXLSE II and now it's back. It allows users to erase faster neighboor pixels with the same colour.
    - Added: Full compatibility with all custom schemes types and new custom schemes included.
    - Updated: Tool Buttons re-organized.
    - Updated: Loading screen/About Box re-organized.
    - Fixed: Program now loads parameters.
    - Fixed and Updated: Site links.
    - Fixed: Paste (non full) will now paste with proper transparency
    - Fixed: Resize text boxes are no longer messed up.
    - Fixed: Disable 3d view checking and unchecking works properly now on Windows XP. Windows 9x still might have the preview window not reloaded sometimes.
    - Fixed: Undo will no longer add void operations. I.e.: Hitting Flood and Fill outside the voxel will no longer compromise your undo.
    - Fixed: Whenever you apply a new section name, the Voxel Header Info window will properly update the name of the section displayed in the combo box.
    - Fixed: Show used colours/normals will now show ALL used colours, instead of hide and show the current active colours.

The picture below shows the perfect normals applied to the Mad Dog Mech from Weeraby2k, on OS: Voxel Viewer.

This tool will certainly contribute for higher quality voxels (units, vehicles, aircrafts and few others) for Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 modders. You can  download it at Project Perfect Mod and find support for it at Voxel Section Editor III Forums.

If you own a fan site, you can place this program on your site for download. If you wanna modify it, go ahead. But on both cases, make sure that Will, Plasmadroid, Koen, Stucuk and I are credited for our efforts.
Posted by: Banshee


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